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Fly For Coffee – A Travel Blog


Welcome to Fly For Coffee, where wanderlust meets practical insights! I’m Ishwar Sharma, your travel companion and the creator behind this space. Here, I craft a tapestry of travel tips and unveil intriguing travel facts that will ignite your passion for exploration.

I love traveling worldwide and taking photos and videos of precious moments. I have had the privilege of visiting numerous countries across continents, immersing myself in vibrant cultures, and connecting with incredible people.

In my blog posts, you can expect a blend of informative travel guides, captivating personal stories, practical tips, and stunning photography. I strive to offer comprehensive insights into the destinations I’ve explored, covering everything from hidden gems and local cuisine to transportation options and cultural etiquette.

Every journey is unique, and my goal is to provide you with the tools and inspiration to create your extraordinary travel experiences.




There is some truth to this saying. Studies have shown that people who are passionate about their work are more likely to be happy and successful. However, it is important to note that “love” does not necessarily mean you must be head over heels in love with your job. It simply means that you enjoy what you do and find it fulfilling.

Here at Fly For Coffee, I delve into travel, serving practical travel tips and fascinating travel facts. Join me on this journey as we explore the beauty of different destinations and unravel the secrets of seamless travel. Grab your virtual passport, and let’s embark on a journey together at Fly For Coffee!


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