What Is the Coldest Place in Texas?

by Ishwar Sharma
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coldest place in Texas, Texas winter

Explore the Coldest Place in Texas. Uncover the surprising location that experiences frigid temperatures in the Lone Star State.

When we envision Texas, it’s often a picture of vast, sun-drenched deserts and sweltering summer days that comes to mind. However, Texas is a state full of surprises, and nestled within its diverse landscapes are pockets of frigid temperatures.


You might be intrigued to learn that Texas boasts its own unique coldest spot. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at this icy location, examining what makes it stand out in a state famous for its warmth.

coldest place in texas

coldest place in texas

To uncover the answer to the riddle of Texas’ coldest place, our journey leads us northward to the Panhandle region. Here, in the charming town of Dalhart, winter ushers in average temperatures hovering around 25°F.

While this may not appear extremely cold to someone from a region with harsher winters, remember that this is just the average, and Dalhart frequently dips much lower than that.

Dalhart is known for its extreme weather fluctuations, with scorching summer temperatures exceeding 100°F and bone-chilling winter colds dropping far below freezing.

However, what specific factors contribute to Dalhart’s exceptionally cold climate? Its location is a major contributing factor. Situated in the northern reaches of the Texas Panhandle, Dalhart is vulnerable to cold winds sweeping down from the northern latitudes, straight from Canada and the Arctic.

These icy breezes can significantly lower the temperature. Furthermore, the town is situated at an elevation of more than 4,000 feet. As is commonly understood, at greater altitudes, temperatures tend to drop because of the thinner air and reduced heat-retaining atmosphere available to regulate climatic conditions.

Another key factor in Dalhart’s icy winter climate is the arid nature of the air. Cold air holds less moisture than warm air, so as it journeys southward from colder climes, it tends to dry out.

This results in extremely low humidity in and around Dalhart, making the cold temperatures feel even more biting than they would in a more humid setting.

Despite its reputation as the coldest place in Texas, Dalhart is a vibrant community with much to offer both residents and visitors. Originally founded as a crucial railroad junction and cattle shipping center, its historical roots still influence the local economy.

Additionally, Dalhart is a gateway to various outdoor recreational activities, including hunting, fishing, and hiking.

Throughout the winter months, Texas encounters a variety of weather conditions. Let’s provide a concise glimpse of Texas weather in December, January, February, and March:

Texas Weather in December:

December ushers in cooler temperatures in Texas, particularly in the northern areas. Most of Texas experiences average high temperatures ranging from the 50s to the 60s°F (10-20°C). While occasional rain is common, snowfall is relatively infrequent, except for the northern Panhandle region.

It’s a good time for holiday festivities, with a mild winter climate.


Texas Weather in January:

January stands out as one of the chilliest months in Texas, with northern regions often experiencing temperatures below freezing, while the southern areas enjoy milder conditions.

You might encounter frost and occasional chilly rain. Snow is possible in northern regions, such as Amarillo and the Panhandle.


Texas Weather in February:


February marks the transition towards spring. While the northern parts are still cool, the southern regions experience milder temperatures. 

Expect some rainy days but also periods of pleasant, sunny weather. Snowfall is uncommon, except in the northernmost areas.

Texas Weather in March:


In March, Texas transitions into spring, with temperatures on the rise. High temperatures generally range from the 60s to 70s°F (15-25°C) in most areas.

This month ushers in sunnier days, perfect for outdoor activities. While March can be a tad windy, it offers an excellent opportunity to relish the blossoming wildflowers. Do remember, Texas is a vast state characterized by diverse climates.

Consequently, these general descriptions might fluctuate by region. It’s advisable to consult local weather forecasts for specific cities or areas when preparing your visit during these months.

MonthTemperature RangePrecipitationNotable Weather
December50s-60s°F (10-20°C)Occasional RainMild Winter
JanuaryBelow Freezing to 60s°FFrost, Occasional RainColdest Month
February40s-70s°F (4-25°C)Milder, Sunny DaysTransition to Spring
March60s-70s°F (15-25°C)More Sunny, WindyBeginning of Spring

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And there you have it – the coldest place in Texas, Dalhart, a picturesque town in the Panhandle that sees frigid temperatures throughout the winter.

While its geographic location and lack of moisture in the air contribute to its chilling conditions, Dalhart remains a welcoming community with a unique charm.

Whether you’re drawn to outdoor adventures or seeking to experience a different side of Texas, Dalhart deserves a spot on your list of places to explore.

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